Prelude – Elohim vol. 1

The first comic book of the series « Elohim » based on the books by Mauro Biglino!

Mauro Biglino, after the incredible success of his essays with more than 60,000 copies sold, chose to switch to comics to reconstruct a history able to charm the reader, transporting it in a story that will be told in a first set of 10 engaging numbers.

In this series called Elohim, all the stories narrated are drawn from the Old Testament, and tell the Bible as no one has ever so clearly explained.

The story of the Elohim: The colonizing aliens who have conquered the Earth, making their territory of the conquest;

The first genetic interventions made on hominids;

The childhood of Yahweh (the presumed God of Jewish and Christian religion);

His military career that develops while other Elohim, powerful and successful, share the earth;

The work of colonization which we still retain traces, colonization in which hundreds of thousands of living beings perished in fierce battles in which they resorted also to the use of nuclear weapons.

Elohim-The series

Top 10 releases are planned, which will follow new productions that will also have a monographic character, in relation to individual biblical events: crossing the Red Sea, the Ark of the Covenant as a weapon, the Flood…

The characters, battles, conquests, weapons, sex and everything has never been biblically highlighted are the subject of this series that contains in pictures and in dialogues the sequences of the Bible how they were related.

An unexpected journey