The Judgment – Elohim Vol.4

Published in 2015.

Publishing House: Uno Editori, Italy.

After the incredible success of his essays, with over 90,000 copies sold, and the output of the first comic, here is the fourth of 10 numbers.

The fourth volume (THE JUDGMENT) has two themes: the contrast that characterizes the relations between the two sons of the Terran Empire Lord of the Anunnaki / Elohim (Enki and Enlil) and the issue of the consequences generated by the so-called original sin.

On planet earth various Elohim groups were installed in territories scattered in different continents, with the dual aim of extracting minerals they need and conduct experiments on the phenomenon of life, ensuring the rooting of new species.

The military groups and scientists, motivated by different objectives, often live contrasts that undermine relations and jeopardize the outcome of the same individual missions.

The meeting of the leaders of the Elohim tends to clarify the dangerous situation that is being created and Elyon (the lord of the planet) has to make some important decisions.

Meanwhile ish known by the definition of adam and his isshah, defined chawwah, suffer the inevitable consequences of the choice they have made.

Contravening the rules issued by Enlil, the commander of the gan-eden, the two (eva before for obvious reasons and then adam) respond positively to the elohim stresses acting on the group of geneticists and scientists and thus are subject to the decision of laboratory ladies in which they were inserted …


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