The Adamites – Elohim Vol.5

Published in 2015.

Publishing House: Uno Editori, Italy.


In the fifth volume, the saga Elohim proceed with the installation of Homo sapiens groups at various locations on the planet: they make themselves served and venerated, and they teach how to produce food that can feed several people. Meanwhile, in orbiting station strange events occur: someone is working in secret to thwart the plans of the high command.

The life of the Adamites outside Gan-Eden is very dangerous and Eve carries the fruit of union with one of the Elohim who continues to look after them … While the continent that lies beyond the great ocean using a completely new system of transmission of messages, born Cain and Abel, the two boys will pave the way for their future …

The commander arrives to visit: the ilk of Adamites is too important to leave it to drift between Sapiens barbarians.

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