Biblija Nije Sveta Knjiga – The Bible is not a holy book

Published in 2015.

Publishing House: Teledisk, Croatia.

There is no God, as we normally refer to it, in the Old Testament.

Particularly in the Bible there isn’t God and there isn’t a cult of God either.

That’s why the title says the Bible is not a Holy book.

Who is interfered, over the centuries, changing the Bible? We’re victim of a big trick.

If you read this book you’ll find out a lot of things, like:

  • We have only one of the possible Bibles
  • We don’t know anything about when and who wrote the Bible
  • Someone hide us the real nature of the tree of life.
  • We are  OGM.
  • God gets tired, he gets dirty and he is hungry.
  • 11 biblical books are officially disappeare
  • The whole creation of the humanity, as it’s written in the Bible, is false
  • The original sin is only a fairy tale
  • The biblical God is not Jesus’s father
  • How to build a religionAnd much more…

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