Cofanetto: La Bibbia è un libro di Storia/Trilogy: The Bible is a History Book

“If you read the Bible as a holy book you are forced to invent to try to explain what is inexplicable.

If you read the Bible as a chronicle you can get the whole story that is in it, without invent anything.

When you consider that all the history books contain truths but also lies, inaccuracies, errors or omissions, you get the value of those stories.

To understand this fact it is not necessary the wisdom of the wise but simply the ignorance of the ignorant, among whom I count myself. “

         Mauro Biglino

Cofanetto La Bibbia è un libro di storia The Bible is the story about the relationship between the people and an individual named Yahweh:

He is a flesh and blood human being  belonging to the group of Elohim, whom had nothing to do with the image of God  created by Theology. They come from far away and have a high technology with which they fought and moved, powerful and often violent, they have the Earth split in(of) spheres of influence and supervisory. They lived very long, but they died just like us, and they also had really strange needs.

The Bible says about all those things and many others, when you translate it literally, it tells us a lot about our Planet.

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