Il Dio alieno della Bibbia/The alien god of the bible

Il DIo Alieno della Bibbia

Published in 2011.

Publishing House: Uno Editori, Italy.

The alien God of the Bible

This publication is the natural prosecution of the Mauro Biglino’s previous work titled: The book that will forever change our ideas about the bible – The gods coming from the space.

This very rich book production tackles the subject by quoting and analyzing some passages of the Old Testament on the basis of the current translations, of those versions of the Bible which everyone has.

But there is a chance to find out more, to deepen, to turn hypothesis into certain conclusions, to obtain more exact confirmations? Starting from the Old Testament, these pages continue the story of what it has not yet pointed out or, even worse, intentionally forgotten or variously interpreted in order to conceal the devastating potential effects.

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