The Bible doesn’t talk about God

Published in 2015.

Publishing House: Mondadori, Italy.

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The Bible doesn’t talk about God

“Who reads the Ancient Testament with disenchanted mind and  approaches it with a serene  attitude  that he could have facing every book written by human beings, he won’t have any difficulties to catch the facts’ evidence”.

This book is the results of many years of studies, publications and conferences. A path that Mauro Biglino started as a translator for San Paolo Publishing House and that leaded the author to develop an Ancient Testament’s  different reading capable of suggest very revolutionary hypothesis.

The first step of his method is “pretending to…”: if we “pretend that” biblical authors just wanted to hand down historical facts real happened, if we cut off from the Bible the metaphoric and theological  interpretations assigned by dogmas and cultural attitudes, and if we apply a laic and literal reading , the meaning changes definitely.

We find out that the Bible doesn’t talk about God, neither about something divine, but it reveal  a different story about the origin of human being on Earth.

To support this thesis, the author brings a texts’ careful translation: “In none word of the Bible’s Hebrew language there is the spiritual, transcendent, omniscient and almighty God”.

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