The Fruit – Elohim Vol.3

Published in 2015.

Publishing House: Uno Editori, Italy.

Copertina ELOHIM _iL FRUTTO_IIIContinue the Elohim’s saga with the third volume (The Fruit) which face man’s creation and the relationship between Adam, Eva and their “makers”.

We all know how the Old Testament contains a synthesis of the Sumerian-Akkadian stories that were very explicit in telling even the  hard  relations between the two brothers commanders of the Terrestrial Empire of the Anunnaki / Elohim: Enki, Enlil.

Such clarity were lost in the Bible during the theological reworking. In fact the authors rewrote the set of books in the period following the Babylonian exile, which occurred in the sixth century.

Theology says that the Sumerian-Akkadian stories are actually myths, while the Bible is the text truly  inspired by God, so according to the doctrine we would have a ‘real copy’ (the Bible inspired by God) but the original texts from which it derives are only simple myths….thing a little bit strange.

So as the theology  has deliberately based his statement from biblical texts, this narration is deliberately based  from the same texts as well, even with more events and facts.

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